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Packserv has established a reputation as the leading rental and technical service provider for the packaging industry by offering a fleet of equipment that can automate almost every part of the packaging process, utilising the latest technologies.


Packserv is an Australian owned company, established in 2007. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne and a rental fleet of almost 400 packaging and ancillary machines, we are the largest rental company operating in the FMCG market space. We support the smallest ‘cottage’ businesses as well as large scale international operations. Through 25 years of experience our team of trained technicians can be on the road 24/7 to provide support to all the users of our quality machines.

Packserv also provide access to spare parts, consumables, and ancillary equipment via the Packshop portal which can be accessed via this website.

Over the years Packserv has earned a reputation for knowing what ‘help’ means to our customers. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are happy to advise on production processes as well as how to fit the correct machine for optimum process improvement. Our dedication to providing the best available equipment has led to Packserv acquiring some ‘best in class’ equipment from a few international suppliers who have chosen to partner with us to make a range of machines accessible to our customers along with the technical support that reduces down-time and enhances consistency of production.

our team

At Packserv our staff work hard and enjoy what they do. We invest not only in the professional development of our team members, but also personal growth and wellbeing. Through extensive training programs and partnerships with research bodies such as the University of Wollongong, our team are some of the best trained technicians in Australia.

We have a genuine commitment towards occupational health and safety and a genuine commitment to ensure our team are taken care of.  Our team are also continually assessed against rigorous criteria to guarantee that clients are served by a happy, helpful team

We are always on the lookout for new talent. If you have technical, sales or customer service experience that you might like to share, send your resume to careers@packserv.com.au

our director

Nathan Wardell is 3rd generation FMCG packaging and manufacturing. Nathan is the son of Gary Higgins, founder, and creator of most of the industry standard brands of packaging machinery still in use today. Brands like Asset Packaging Machinery, Profill, Flowfill, Rentafill, Collier Packaging and Mourpack Engineering all have Nathan’s family DNA evident in their history and development.

Early in Gary’s career he worked as a designer/machinist at Reilax Packaging in the 1970’s together with Mitch Vinski. Together they would go on to create Asset Packaging and Vinski Engineering respectively. Asset Packaging Machinery’s early designs were still made by Mitch Vinski until mid-2020 when the business was sold.

Nathan originally trained as an accountant before leaving that life behind in 1995 to work full-time with his father developing Rentafill. Having had work experience with both at Asset and Collier Packaging, when both were making machines for Flowfill, Nathan’s tranistion into the family business was entirely natural.

Nathan was left to run Rentafill alone from 1997, after his father left to pursue a life-long ambition to tour the world. However, when Gary returned some years later he decided he would sell Rentafill which prompted Nathan to go alone and start Packserv. That was 14 years ago and since then Packserv has continued to grow and diversify.

For over 25 years Nathan has been involved in the packaging machinery industry. As Packserv has grown so has the requirement for machinery, custom parts, and technical services so it was entirely natural to meet that need by creating a full service machine shop that turns out custom parts and machinery to its growing clientele.

The sale of Asset Packaging prompted Nathan to make the move to become a full scale manufacturer, producing Packserv’s own range of machinery, parts and accessories In many respects this has ‘squared the circle’ for Nathan and returned him to his roots as an engineer.

from the director

“Packserv is not ‘just a rental outlet’. Our business is not built on a ‘set and forget’ or ‘drop off and pick up service’ mentality. We recognise our clients require a service that will enable them to have full access to many different machines at short notice with support and expert know-how. That’s how we are able to set ourselves apart from our competitors”

Nathan Wardell

Our Services

At Packserv we provide short, and long-term rental of packaging machinery for part-process or end-to-end handling of small to large scale production runs. But by no means does it stop there. We also provide:

Equipment Hire

Short and Long Term rental of packaging machinery for part-process or end-to-end handling of small to large scale production runs.


Installation, service, maintenance and repair, training, 24 hour technical support, custom parts design and manufacturing.


Equipment hire, delivery, pick-up and packing to crating and freighting equipment – Australia wide.

Test & Tag

Inspect, test and tag electrical equipment (including industrial equipment, office equipment and appliances) to the current Australian Standards – by licensed technicians.

Pack Shop

Online shopping service providing parts, accessories and consumables for filling, capping, labelling, printing, coding and marking, induction and tube sealing equipment.

Pack Port

Online gateway for manufacturers and packers to easily access key suppliers and request contacts for specific products and services that support their facilities and production.

Pack House

In-house (Marrickville) test facility to support trials, short production runs or equipment training using your materials – handled by one of our friendly trained technicians.

Pack On Site

On-site assistance by one of our trained technicians to help you through your planned production process so that your packing run goes smoothly.


Packserv Australia provides hire equipment, accessories and support to the following key manufacturing industries:


Sauces, Condiments, Oils, Flavours & Spices, Pastes, Dressings & more


Personal Care, Beauty, Skin Care, Aromatherapy, Hair Care, Hygiene & More


Wine, Alcohol, Coffee, Dairy Products, Beer & other beverages


Health Care, Therapeutical, Medical,Veterinary & more

Home Care

Home Scents & Fragrances, Candles, Organic-eco Cleaning & Laundry Products and Other Home Care Products.


Chemical, Agricultural, Automotive, Paints, Solvents, Detergents and Other Industrial Products.
“The Nui Organic LifeStyle range was built on the passion, service and expertise of the staff at Packserv.”

Andreas B Lombardozzi, Founder and Managing Director
Nui Generation, a division of African Pacific Pty Ltd
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