Impulse Heat Tube Sealer With Batch Stamping


  • Model: TP-30
  • Tube Diameter: 1cm - 5cm
  • Tube Height: 3cm - 22cm
  • Item Code: TBS-AL
  • Bench top
  • Single phase 240V 10Amp power
  • Sliding tube racks
  • Double sealing jaw
  • Thermocontrolled impulse seal
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Seal height 4mm
  • Max tube diameter of 50mm
  • Simultaneously coding of up to 6-20 tubes
  • Dimensions 850x45x60
  • Weight 25Kg
  • Electronic control of heating and cooling time
  • Fixed sealing jaw with thermostatic heating element
  • Automatic adjustment of sealing pressure
  • Special tubes holder upon request.
  • Batch stamping

The impulse sealing machine TP-30 is a complete and innovative solution for the contemporary sealing and coding of plastic tubes of different lengths, from 100mm to 230mm, diameter up to 60mm.

Operated by electromagnets, user friendly and compact table-top machine.

It is supplied with an innovative temperature control system, which steady monitors, cycle after cycle, the real wire temperature, measuring the changes of the resistance according to the modification of the temperature.

It can be supplied with a punches code system. During the sealing phase the machine engraves on the seal an alphanumeric code of max 10 characters each tube.

  • TBS-AL
  • Bench Top
  • Electric
  • Requires Power
  • Pneumatic
  • Requires Air Compressor
  • Low Noise