Impulse Heat Tube Sealer


  • Model: T-50
  • Tube Diameter: 1cm - 5cm
  • Tube Height: 3cm - 22cm
  • Item Code: TBS-A
  • Bench top
  • Air and Single phase 240V 10Amp power
  • Sliding tube racks
  • Fully adjustable heat and speed timers
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Seal width: 1/8"
  • Seal length: 20"
  • Maximum tube diameter: 2:
  • Maximum tube height: 9"
  • Requirements: standard single phase 240v power, Compressed air 1.5cfm @ 60psi
  • Size: Length: 24" Width: 13" Height: 14" Weight: 37lbs
  • 10 second adjustable electronic heat timer
  • 60 second adjustable electronic cool timer
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Set of 2 standard size racks
  • Various holding and rack mounts for different diameters and shapes

This machine is perfect for small batch runs, research and lab use or start-up operations. It's easy, safe and economical to operate, and the heat and cool timers ensure repeatable seal performance time after time. The Accu-Seal Pneumatic plastic tube sealer is the economical answer for sealing plastic or plastic lined tubes, and is ideal for use in medical cosmetic or scientific laboratory environments.

This unit makes sealing plastic tubes easy. Fast and reliable, this machine seals one rack of tubes in the time it takes to prepare a second rack. A set of two standard size racks are included with each machine. When you order please send us your sample tubes in order to build your racks.

An external air supply is required this electro/pneumatic sealer which we can provide if required.

  • TBS-A
  • TBS-A
  • TBS-A
  • Bench Top
  • Electric
  • Requires Power
  • Pneumatic
  • Requires Air Compressor
  • Low Noise