Continuous Band Sealer


  • Model: DK-900M
  • Item Code: CBS-900
  • Bench top
  • Standard 240V 10Amp Power
  • Sealing speed: 0 - 12m/min
  • Sealing width: 6 - 15mm
  • Machine can be mounted vertically or horozontally
  • Can seal wet and dry product types
  • Temperature range: 0 - 300° C
  • Conveyor loading: 3kg
  • Machine dimensions: 80 cm x 42cm x 32cm
  • Gross weight: 32kg
  • Suitable to seal pouches & bags for all types of thermo-plastic bags
  • Continuous Band Sealers are used for increasing production speeds in semi-automatic bag sealing applications, where large scale automation is not possible.
  • The operator can feed the bag into the machine by placing the filled bags on a conveyor which are guided through the sealing process.
  • Machine can be supplied with brackets to change from a horozontal to a vertical sealer allowing bags to stand up or lie down during the sealing process.
  • Designed to seal any thermoplastic material, including Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and laminations containing foils. The sealer is commonly used to seal coffee, sauces, marinades and grains.
  • Vertical or horozontal brackets and mountings.

This machine is suitable for small production runs across all industries. The machine can be adjusted to suit various applications.

  • CBS-900
  • Bench Top
  • Electric
  • Requires Power
  • Low Noise