Thermal Label Over-Printer

Datamax Corp

  • Model: I-4308 & W-6308
  • Colour: Single
  • Item Code: DMX
  • Small and lightweight
  • Desktop
  • Connects to your computer
  • Standard 240V 10Amp power
  • Connects to you label applicator for Print-Apply
  • Labels on a roll
  • Self adhesive
  • Die cut
  • Roll diameter under 23cm
  • Core diameter 7cm
  • Orientation depending on application
  • Click link below for detailed diagram of label orientation

    Label unwind (direction) chart
  • A powerful 32-bit multi-tasking processor and an industry leading 16MB of addressable RAM;
  • An easy-to-read front LCD display;
  • Color coded operator cues;
  • Embossed media loading diagrams;
  • Easily accessible print-head mechanism;
  • A unique collapsible ribbon hub that makes loading and unloading a snap
  • Flash upgradeable firmware.
  • Modular design facilities adding and/or changing options with ease.
  • Easy to upgrade and reconfigure for business growth.
  • Extremely easy to maintain-change the print-head and the platen roller in less than 5 minutes.
  • Standard bi-directional parallel and high-speed serial interfaces allow easy integration into your system.
  • Optional USB, Ethernet and Twinax/Coax support allows the printer to connect to virtually any host system environment.

    The DMX-I-4308 is perfect for applications that demand printing very small labels, high-resolution graphics, or two-dimensional bar codes. Other applications the I-4308 can be used for are printed circuit boards serial numbers, product identification and clinical applications. The Datamax I-Class Series has what it takes to solve your barcode printing needs.

    When it comes to precise registration, intricate graphics and high performance, there is just one choice—the Datamax I-Class I-4308. It's the industry's answer to your high resolution printing needs.

The Datamax I & W Classes of printer are the most comprehensive, cost-effective industrial label printing solution available in the thermal printer marketplace today and will continue to provide the same exceptional value into the future. I & W Class printers are available with varying print-head resolutions, from 203 to 600 dots per inch, and print speeds, from 4 to 12 inches per second. Accessories are field installable and removable, increasing the utility of your technology investment, and most enhancement options are simply plugged into the printer's rear card cage. All I-Class printers feature the same innovative design incorporating scalability into a rugged structure that ultimately creates a versatile, powerful label printing tool. With the most standard memory and a vast number of available configurations, our printers have emerged as the printer of choice for large, multinational operations. However, the remarkably sophisticated design and its resulting ease-of-use make these Classes the product of choice among facilities of all sizes in all parts of the world where performance and value are not simply marketing buzzwords.

The DMX-I-4308 printer, engineered with precision-built printer mechanism and state of the art electronics, is perfect for applications requiring very small labels, intricate graphics, or two-dimensional bar codes. The 300 dpi (12 dots/mm) print-head, coupled with the capability to accurately maintain critical print registration, enables the I-4308 to produce labels for applications such as small parts tracking and identification of wiring harnesses. The I-4308 is also an excellent product for generating intricate DataMatrix or PDF-417 bar code labels. The die-cast aluminum frame and metal cover provide a rugged, reliable platform that stands up to the harshest industrial environments. With print speeds up to 8 inches per second (203mm/sec), the DMX-I-4308 won't keep you waiting for high-resolution labels. A field installable flash/font expansion card allows for storage of label formats, graphics, downloadable fonts and international language print capabilities, thus minimizing formatting download time and maximizing printer output.

  • DMX
  • DMX
  • Bench Top
  • Electric
  • Requires Power
  • Medium Noise