Bench Model Manual Label Applicator

Great Engineering

  • Model: BenchMate
  • Surfaces: Round and near round
  • Item Code: BM-ML
  • Round containers (some non round)
  • Table mounted (approx 3kgs)
  • Manually operated
  • No problem with clear and opaque labels
  • Light and portable
  • 10-15 units per minute (guide only)
  • Suitable for food and pharmaceutical use
  • Quick change over of product and parts
  • 5cms to 25cms diameter range of container
  • Label height 175mm
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Adjustable label position
  • Straight sided containers only
  • Applies single, wrap around or front/back
  • Fast change over of containers
  • No tools required for setting adjustments
  • No tools required for cleaning
  • Basic entry level machine

  • On a roll
  • Self adhesive
  • Die cut & weeded
  • Front back on same roll preferable
  • Left hand edge leading in most cases
  • Max roll diameter: 300mm
  • Core diameters: 38mm and 76mm (pref)
  • Max height: 170mm
  • Min height: 10mm
  • Max width: 230mm
  • Min width: 20mm
  • Click link below for detailed diagram of label orientation

    Label unwind (direction) chart

    We often find that one particular labeller will not necessarily be better than another based purely on its brand, size or cost, and as such when installing a labelling solution we generally will bring several different units to make sure you get the right machine for the job, if this is not possible we normally request that a sample of your container and a roll of your labels be sent to us to run a trial, this is a free of charge service that we offer to help you make sure you get the equipment you need.
  • First label and second label indicator bars to help you start and stop where you need to.
  • Sturdy low maintenance construction
  • Quick container size changeover
  • Dimensions 210 x 400 x 80mm
  • G-clamp's are a great way to minimise the number of holes you drill into your bench and is the best way to make sure the labeller doesn't move around on you while your applying your labels.
  • Custom parts for special jobs

The manually operated label applicator that ensures an enhanced presentation of your product, relieves the tedious hand applying and enables economical use of production time.

Robust and portable the BenchMate label applicator will apply both die cut and butt cut roll format self adhesive/pressure sensitive labels to a wide range of cylindrical products.

This popular label applicator can apply a single or front and back label application positioned as you require. The BenchMate's versatility makes it suitable for the packing industry, small wineries, cottage industries, primary producers, food, cosmetics manufacturers and pharmaceutical industries.

Constructed of durable stainless steel and anodised aluminum the BenchMate is quick to set up, simple to use and results in case of operation.

There is a BenchMark label application system to suit your needs. If the manually operated label applicator does not suit your volume requirements you may like more information on the BenchMark semi automatic or BenchMax label applicators.


This unit while being very basic is a great way to overcome some of the obstacles encountered on non standard containers. Its simplicity and operator influence lends itself well to making small adjustments in how labels are applied.

The manually operated label applicator ensures enhanced presentation of your products, eliminates tedious and unreliable hand application and increases production output.

Popular and widely used by a diverse range of small volume producers including, wine, beer, cosmetics, gourmet food, condiments and sauces, canned and bottled food and beverages.

  • BM-ML
  • BM-ML
  • BM-ML
  • BM-ML
  • Bench Top
  • Low Noise