Semi-Automatic Labeller

Great Engineering

  • Model: BenchMAX
  • Surfaces: Round and near round
  • Item Code: BM-MAX
  • Round containers (some non rounds)
  • Bench model (25Kgs approx)
  • No problem with clear and opaque labels
  • Single phase 240V 10Amp (household) electrically operated
  • 10-15 units per minute (guide only)
  • Suitable for food and pharmaceutical use
  • Quick change over of container or parts
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Adjustable label position while running
  • Diameter of containers: 10mm to 140mm
  • Label height max 230mm
  • Semi-automatic labelling machine
  • Applies single, wrap around or front/back
  • Will automatically position the second label
  • Weight 20Kgs
  • Dimensions: 500 x 400 x 350mm
  • Push button, foot-switch or lever operation
  • Can have orientation device fitted for over-label
  • Can place award, export or any additional labels
  • Can connect to the Datamax printer for print-apply labelling
  • Heavy duty drive system
  • Straight sided containers only
  • Sturdy low maintenance construction
  • Quick container changeover
  • Electronic timer control unit

  • On a roll
  • Self adhesive
  • Die cut & weeded
  • Left hand edge leading (in most cases)
  • Front & back on same roll preferable
  • Max roll diameter: 315mm
  • Core diameters: 38mm and 76mm (pref)
  • Max height: 170mm
  • Min height: 10mm
  • Max width: 230mm
  • Min width: 20mm
  • Click link below for detailed diagram of label orientation

    Label unwind (direction) chart

    We often find that one particular labeller will not necessarily be better than another based purely on its brand, size or cost, and as such when installing a labelling solution we generally will bring several different units to make sure you get the right machine for the job, if this is not possible we normally request that a sample of your container and a roll of your labels be sent to us to run a trial, this is a free of charge service that we offer to help you make sure you get the equipment you need.
  • Very easy to operate due to its smart electronics
  • Quick change between labels and or container sizes
  • Automatic rub down time for maximum efficiency
  • Fast responsive Orientation system for over labelling export compliance or awards
  • Intelligent printer interface for print and apply
  • High speed motor for faster semi-automatic labelling
  • Light portable and durable construction
  • Accurate and logical dials for greater labelling control
  • Features a new option for applying extra long labels
  • Increased wide range of labels and product sizes
  • Small bottle attachment
  • Custom parts for special jobs
  • Datamax label printer

Great Engineering introduces its most advanced benchmark labelling machine for the packaging industry yet, it thinks for you with its all new design and improved smart technology. With the ability to label everything from miniature beverage bottles to a jeroboam, the new BenchMAX enables you to regain control of your varied labelling needs, labelling in real time and on demand.

Manufactured in Australia by Great Engineering the BenchMAX has reached new heights of design and functionality. Applying self adhesive labels has never been easier for single, wrap around, front and back, over-label, export, batch, barcode and award labels.

In addition BenchMAX has extra features for export labelling and award medallion over labelling using its powerful processor. All this combined with its potential to interface with a wide range of printers makes it a versatile workhorse in all wineries.

  • BM-MAX
  • BM-MAX
  • BM-MAX
  • BM-MAX
  • BM-MAX
  • BM-MAX
  • BM-MAX
  • Bench Top
  • Electric
  • Requires Power
  • Low Noise