Twin Head Volumetric Liquid, Cream, Paste & Other Wet-State Filler

Asset Packaging Machines

  • Model: AV-3-2C
  • Fill Range: 3mls - 1250ml
  • Item Code: AV-3-2C
  • Can be run as a conveyor mounted auto or stand alone semi-automatic model
  • Air operated (we can supply air compressor if required)
  • 20-60 units per minute (guide only)
  • Suitable for food and pharmaceutical use
  • Pneumatic controlled
  • Totally speed adjustable
  • 600kpa (80psi) pressure requirement
  • 10CFM air consumption
  • Various nozzles, cylinders, inlets, hoses etc.
  • Easy volume adjustment while running
  • All 304 grade stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Flameproof
  • Hot or cold fill
  • 3mls to 1250mls standard fill range
  • Adjustable nozzle heights
  • No tools required for setting adjustment
  • Bottom up fill standard
  • Positive shut-off nozzles standard
  • Wet parts made from food and pharmaceutical 316 grade stainless steel and food grade plastics
  • Filling accuracy +/- 0.5 to 1%
  • Dimensions 1000 x 1400 x 1700
  • Weight 75 kgs
  • Mounted on lockable castor wheels
  • Heavy duty pneumatic product cylinder drive system
  • Integral 304 grade stainless steel base and cladding mounted on a stainless steel trolley
  • Bottom up fill nozzle assembly
  • Wet parts made from 316 stainless steel and food grade plastics
  • Product piston fitted with O-ring energised teflon/hdpe glide ring seal.
  • Quick connect tri-clover products inlet/outlet fittings
  • All pneumatic flame proof operation suitable for use with flammable products
  • Individual fill and recharge speed controls
  • Asset rotary product valve system provides a positive valve seal unaffected by product supply head height
  • available in 25, 50, 125, 250, 500, or 1250ml cylinder sizes,
  • Infinitely adjustable between 10 and 100% of their rated volume
  • Product cylinder and valve dismantle by hand for cleaning, no tools required
  • Filling accuracy +/- 0.5 to 1%
  • Additional sizes of interchangeable product cylinder and piston assemblies
  • High temperature spool/food valves for hot filling of sauces etc.
  • Twin manifold and suction hose inlet
  • 50 Ltr stainless steel product hopper
  • Various nozzle configurations e.g. liquid, cream, suck-back, positive shut-off, food, plug nozzle etc.
  • Custom parts for special jobs

The Asset AV-3-2C series of automatic filling machines offer a simple to operate heavy duty design with a proven history of reliability and ease of cleaning. The versatility of this all pneumatic machine has now been enhanced with a completely new compact design, volume adjustment and cylinder assembly incorporating a revolutionary rotary valve system, and Australian Registered Design developed by Asset for the AV-3's big brother, the AMF-4C filler.

The new valve system handles products from thin liquids to creams and thick pastes, even products with soft suspended solids, a task previously requiring 2 different types of filling machine or expensive change parts. The new cylinder design enables quicker dismantling and easier more thorough cleaning of wetted apts. Various product supply methods can be used according to the nature of the product or customer preference e.g. close coupled hopper, suction hose inlet or elevated or floor level tank, or low pressure feed from and external pump.

Trolley mounted with lockable castors (wheels) for connection to a continuously running slat conveyor the AV-3-2C comes complete with "no bottle no fill" safety device and container gating.

Ideal for use in the food industry for filling sauces (hot or cold), pate, dairy products, honey or any liquid, cream or paste type product.

The stroke adjuster and air cylinder/product cylinder drive assembly are enclosed by a safety interlocked poly carbonate cover.

  • AV-3-2C
  • AV-3-2C
  • AV-3-2C
  • AV-3-2C
  • AV-3-2C
  • Pneumatic
  • Requires Air Compressor
  • On Castor Wheels
  • Medium Noise