Take-Off/Transfer Belts

Asset Packaging Machines

  • Model: Take-Off Belts
  • Length: 500mm
  • Item Code: ATO-9
  • Single phase 240V, 10Amp (household) electric powered
  • Suitable for food and pharmaceutical use
  • Totally speed adjustable
  • Can come seperately for wrap/roll applications, or as a pair for transfer
  • Various accessories to suit applications
  • Can be conveyor mounted
  • Commonly used for printing batch numbers on the base of containers
  • 316 stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Fast change over for different containers
  • Driven by a variable speed DC motors and controllers
  • Supplied with mounting brackets to bolt onto conveyor or other machinery
  • Different belt options for various applications
  • Easy to adjust slotted mounts for changing container diameters
  • Can be supplied mounted to a conveyor or on their own
  • Custom parts for special jobs

Transfer belts are a great addition for any production line.

They can be used for batch coding, or ink jet printing information onto the base of a container as it gets to the end of a production line, this way the line and products doesn't have to stop for these processes.

The Transfer belts can also be used for moving unstable containers accross bridges or gaps from one motion device to another, or to hold a container in place while another process takes place such as labelling.

Standard Transfer belts are 500mm long and 90mm tall, though the container can be much larger in most cases.

Designed for trasporting & handling round, stable/unstable items in transit on a production line.

  • ATO-9
  • Bolt On
  • Low Noise